Wedding Season 2014

I like to read.

Sometimes I don’t have nearly enough time for it as I would like, but settling into a good book {especially on a fair-weather day} has always been on the top of my list of favorite things. When I was in third grade, a teacher told my mother that I would probably never achieve the required reading skills as my peers. In was almost laughable that I would ever surpass it. I was in the lowest group, barely reading the necessary pages for the day. And then I got to fourth grade and, thanks to one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Schmidke, and other parent volunteers, I started to chip away at easy books. Little by little, I made my way through tougher words and thicker pages. Slowly, I wasn’t sounding out syllables and stumbling through sentence structures, but simply reading. Second nature, like the back of my hand. By the time I arrived in fifth grade, I was in the excelled reading group and {to the never ending torment and aggravation of my classmates} asked for homework all the time. In eight grade I was in a gifted reading and writing program. I went to college {the first time} for journalism and technical editing.

King’s to you, Mrs. Third Grade ‘Teacher’.

As I was thinking about this past wedding season, I couldn’t help compare it to that feeling of finally being able to read that great book. The amount of learning and practice it takes to begin like it’s second nature. To see the words, to pick up the camera, and not even think about letters strewn together or the rapid twist of the knobs and dials. The knowledge is there. The anticipation of flipping open that cover, of preparing for that first wedding, and the time to begin is drawing near. Where will the characters take me? What will I learn? How will I see it come together? The joys, twists and character developments that each chapter and wedding brings. That one part where I’m on the edge of my seat, flipping through the pages, running like a crazy person, caught up in the story and seeing where it will go. And then…inevitably, the end. The finish of a good story. The cap on a great wedding season.

And this season, my friends, was a great one.

Shannon & Luke :: Married

An unrelenting azure sky blazed overhead as white cotton puffs floated lazily by. The sigh of a breeze disturbed the leaves in the trees and the ballad of a dry August day rang out overhead. Gravel crunched under the weight of slow-incoming vehicles boasting laughing faces and smiling hearts. Unruffled by the temperature, a slow smile crept across her lips as she peered out the window to watch the last of the flowers being placed for the ceremony. The last of the wedding party members to arrive. The rising sun, signifying the passing of the day.

Getting married in the house that they built together, on land that represented their combining of families, on a day that was hot, sunny and carefree with the closest of their friends and family as witnesses.

It was finally happening.

Emily & John :: Family

Two blog posts in two days? What is going on with the world?

The past two days I’ve been getting up before the sun and while I’m completely aware that this is normal for most people {my dad jumps out of bed somewhere around 4am — ish}, being a morning person has never been my jam. I’d much rather work or play until the wee hours of the morning in turn for sweet slumber until just before lunchtime. However, I’m finding that *cough* the older I’m getting, the more I’m appreciating what I can accomplish in the morning hours before the world is truly awake. Plus, I’m also finding that I sleep better. Ahh, the wisdom that comes with age.


When Emily contacted me about a family session with her husband and their fur-babies, she spoke of her interest in their horses, pups and her mild obsession with the dreamy light that happens around sunset. As I completely agree {ooo, ooo that sweet honeyed light at golden hour!}, we met one romantic evening at his family’s farm to capture the essence of this newly married couple.

Amanda :: Senior

Living in the Midwest in the Fall is probably one of the best things a person can do for their soul. Brightly hued burnt leaves decorating the treetops and the ground paired with crisp, cool air and a warm shining sun, I’m not sure how one could ever feel unhappy with a landscape as beautiful as Minnesota Autumn!! Social media is lighting up with all sorts of alluring fall foliage images and happenings. Makes a girl get a little travel itch {anyone see the colors on the east coast?! Woah!!} It’s just a great time of the year!!

I got in two weddings this past weekend as well as some much-needed family time with the in-laws. A little hike in the woods, a little grilled BBQ ribs, a mini birthday celebration executed with a apple-crisp finish; it certainly was a perfect weekend.

I awoke before the sun this morning, ready to get through a pile of work. While I was able to be outside most of the weekend, alas, this day will have me in front of the computer. No worries though, friends! It’s all part of the job! :-)

When I was asked to photograph Amanda’s senior session at the family farm, I immediately jumped at the chance! Having also photographed Alex and Christina‘s sessions there, I knew there would be a plethora of options not to mention just a great way to spend a sunny afternoon! {Plus, I think Amanda could be a cowgirl model. I mean-those eyes! That smile! Ooo, that hair! So, so pretty…!}

Ava Elizabeth :: Newborn

Ooooo, look at those sweet little baby cheeks! This session was just so beautiful and fun…I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!