Jax James

Four years.

Can you believe it?

I can’t.

Four years ago, I got the call. I watched as your momma breathed and pushed, laughed then cried, cajoled and labored you into this world…your daddy joking, holding, whispering, and supporting her all the while. Your wail was wild and free. They wept with joy and exhaustion. Time seemed to stand still.

It seemed like it would be forever until you would be big enough to play; you seemed so tiny, so fresh. So new.

Quickly you grew. Your giggle emerged. Your playful eyes danced with mischief. Always.
{Just like your daddy.}

Your affection for taking things apart, puzzles, sticks and Minions is fascinating to watch. Your love for animals, sweets, your cousins and your parents is so sweet. So innocent. So you.

Dear Jax James…it has been only four years but feels like always. Love you forever…Auntie.

Pop the Champagne

This past weekend was one for the books.

Staying in a beautiful cabin mere minutes away from the breathtaking Oregon coast with these 6 fabulous ladies…

My baby cousin is getting married.

Planned down to the last golden-sugar detail, her ladies weekend was full of relaxation, belly laughs, full moons {pun intended}, champagne, beach time, window shopping, giggles, games and so much more. In a few short days, strangers became friends and lifelong memories were made. To say I’m thrilled to photograph this beauty’s wedding day is probably the most inaccurate pairing of words to date…to have watched her grow from an adorable round-faced, chatty little thing into a giggly yet seriously studious high schooler…who seamlessly transformed into a promising, bright, creative collegiate…and now into a glowing fiancee, about to share life with her perfectly imperfect match…I doubt the words actually exist.

To MLE, with so much pride, love, adoration, support, laughter and happy vibes…forever and always.



Seamus Arthur :: 5 days

If you would rather feast your eyes on some beautiful imagery than work have some spare time, go back in the archives here for Miss Zaria’s newborn session or go here for Mr. Silas’ brand new baby images. All three sessions were done in different houses and all three capture the love, compassion and excitement of this beautiful growing family…

Monday, Monday

I love summer weekends.

Two and a half glorious days filed with sunshine, friends and family, laughter, games, boating…it seems to go by faster and faster every year and I feel like as soon as summer begins, it’s nearly over. And, you know, summertime in Minnesota is a fleeting three months, give or take. We try to pack as much into those few hot weeks as we possibly can before the leaves change and the winter wind whips us back into hiding.

In the past, I’ve been hustling my business to throw as many sessions and weddings into the summer hours as I could possibly handle. And, while that’s been a fun/challenging experience, I decided to take a small step back this year and only take on a few weddings of my own. Loosen the session scheduling. Let the creativity creep back in and make a space for my own time.

And…let me tell you…

It’s been fantastic.

I’ve been second-shooting a bunch of weddings for some wickedly talented photographers and have been loving the time that frees up while still getting to photograph weddings. I’ve been able to create more interesting sessions for my clients. My days now also include some time away from my computer/camera to hang in the garden, walk my dog and/or enjoy time with the Mr…as they should, no!?

That being said, I’m already gearing up for summer 2016 to be a crazy busy one. Kind of like an every-other-summer type of deal. Hit me up to get in the books for 2016 weddings or family events as time is continually ticking away and the earlier we chat, the better pick of times and dates you get!

Here’s hoping your summer slows down and you are also able to get time to do the things you love to do…

{my image taken in May 2015 while second-shooting for fabulous Lauren B Photography}

Seamus Arthur :: a birth story

She called me on a Wednesday afternoon to update me with plans for her scheduled induction on Friday. She was past her due date, she was feeling uncomfortable, she was ready to hold the babe she had been watching grow in her belly for months. The baby wasn’t progressing and, as much as she wanted everything to move on its own, the doctor wanted him out in two days. We laughed about stubborn babies and made our plans to meet at the hospital for the induction.

Five hours later, she was in active labor.

Two and a half hours after that, she held her newborn son for the first time.

I came back the next afternoon to photograph big sister Zaria and big brother Silas meeting their new little brother for the first time…

Pat Otte - July 15, 2015 - 10:44 am

So sweet!!

Nichole - July 15, 2015 - 10:26 am

Looking through these images would take ANYONE on an emotional journey with this beautiful family. I even laughed imagining how dad was feeling in the shot where he has his hat in one hand, rubbing his head while holding his laboring wife’s hand with his other. I bet that one symbolizes most expectant fathers. Priceless.
You’ve captured so many different raw emotions in this collection, what a treasure for the family! Welcome Seamus Arthur and CONGRATS to his family!