Clare :: Class of 2016

I was doing my usual Sunday night scroll through Instagram when I saw the hashtag #hoco2k15 was trending. It took me a little while of staring at this strange letter/number combination before my brain kicked and and figured out it was homecoming…yeah…almost out of touch but not quite.


In high school, I was never one to thoroughly engage in homecoming events {with a huge exception for dress-up week; especially pajama day}, but I did have a soft-spot for enjoying pep rallies, attending the football game even though we mostly walked just around and talked to each other and overall loving the energy of the week. Ahhhh, high school…

Photographing high school seniors brings me back to the good ‘ole days. Every. Single. Time. The late nights, the fun classes, the interesting cafeteria food, awesome sporting events and the lifelong friends that came from spending hours upon hours practicing, traveling and playing together…yes, I had a blast in high school and I get so excited to meet people in the thick of their senior year and talk about their experiences, hopes and wishes for the future.

Clare’s senior session could not have been more chill, super fun or more awesome…in plain speak, this chick rocks. A fresh natural smile compliments her easy-going personality and it was so fun to hang out with her {and her mom and her friends who progressively showed up during her session=heck yes!}…

Anthony & Jess :: Baby Bump

I think Social Media has exploded in the last couple weeks with Facebook-official pregnancy announcements, gender reveals and fresh, new baby hospital photos. I was so pumped to hear that these two were expecting and even more so that they wanted me to capture their beautiful growing family!

First photographing their engagement, then wedding and now this sweet baby bump {wasn’t she just all belly! Sweet!} was over-the-top worth the early morning wake-up to make this sunrise session work. Early morning light is different, and just as glorious as The Golden Hour, and I couldn’t have been happier to work with this lovely couple again. Plus, we got to play with Jess’ Polaroid, so…that’s always a bonus!

booking for fall

So…where, exactly, did the summer go?

I spent the last few weeks driving here, flying there, shooting here, talking shop there, making plans, sitting lakeside and thoroughly enjoying life…only to come back to the office to find out it’s the end of September. Hurumph. Wouldn’t it be something if you could go away for a while, collect your thoughts, hang out on an beach-side tire swing, laze about for a while and then come home with not even an hour passing in your non-presence. How amazing would that be?

I cannot wait for time travel. Cannot. Wait.

The Canadian ranch wedding that I got to assist four weekends ago was amazing. The following weekends downtown Seattle nuptials of a couple of my favorites was, obviously, a favorite of the summer. Spending time with family in Oregon was much necessary. Snowmobile grass drags mid-state with some great people was an interestingly awesome change of pace. Hanging out with girlfriends last weekend at a rustic northern Minnesota cabin was the cherry on the top of my travel sundae. True story.

Be that as it may, my trips are all over {as one could tell by a sweeping glance of our house. Yikes.} and the aftermath of emails, edits, post office runs, laundry {oh, the laundry!!!} all patiently waited for my return. How thoughtful of chores to wait for you, eh. Nice little dudes.


Alas, it’s the end of September and you know what’s right around the corner…FALL!!!!

I’m nearly booked for September and still have a couple options left for October, so check out your calendar and contact me as soon as you can to schedule your annual family photos!! It’s time for high school seniors, too! And getting your little ones photographed before they grow out of that toothy-grin stage…let’s face it; it’s always time to schedule your session!! Dates are going quickly, so talk to me sooner than later!

See you soon!!

{Image by Krissy McCabe Photography while I was assisting on a beautiful Canadian ranch wedding}

Kalina Family

Family sessions make my heart sing. Getting the whole family together, teasing each other, crying kiddos, laughing adults…pretty soon old stories are being spilled, hugs are being tossed about and everyone ends up having a good time. Seriously-I swear it’s painless!


This is the second time in my career that I’ve had the pleasure to spend a morning with the Kalina family and I sincerely hope it’s not the last!

Grant William :: 6 months

You guys, I got to wake up in my own bed this morning.

Saaayyy, whhhaattt?!

I’m home. After an awesome car trip to Canada to second shoot a beautiful ranch wedding, two days home, then flying to Washington to photography along side one of my top favorite photographers {eeek!}, plug in some major family time and a road trip to Oregon…awesome food and even better company…flying back home just in time to hit up Hay Days with a good friend of ours before returning late last night. Exhausted, exhilarated and everything in between, I crashed early and decided not to wake until my body said so.

Sleep…oh, luxurious, beautiful sleep.

Now that I’m home, in front of my own computer and have my own everything at my fingertips…I’m ready to attack this seriously behemoth list of things to do. Nothing like a relaxing vacation to jump start reality!

And I’m so happy to finally be sharing more images from Grant’s six-month session!! Since we used his parents excellent Disney stuffed animal collection for his newborn session, it was unanimous that we incorporate his plush buddies for each session henceforth {don’t miss his 3-month session}. Coupled with G-man’s awesome giggles and Superman poses, we had ourselves an awesome morning session!