Grant William :: 2 years

Believe it or not, but I’m finally getting to the final handful of sessions from this past fall/winter that I have yet to blog! How sweet is that?!

Not that I mind flashing back to snow days and grinning two year olds…

Everything and anything captures this kid’s attention and pulls the best expressions from that sweet face. Among his beloved Disney friends, Grant’s favorites include his giant teddy, a whoopee cushion, puzzles, all the books and pretty much anything having to do with his dad.

Gosh, this kid rocks!

Olivia Mae :: 7 days

Six months ago yesterday this ball of giggles and smirks, squeals and sweetness quietly busted into our lives.

{I can say quietly-I wasn’t in the room when she actually made her appearance.}


When your best friends bake a babe, it’s hard to stay neutral in the cuteness debate. She really is the bees knees!

Plus, Baby O has become a bit of a celebrity in my family of littles-the nieces and nephews are generally concerned about anything O related; where her dad works, where O sleeps, when she’s coming over for a sleepover {ummm…gimme a few years, mmk?}…it’s generally hilarious and all things great.

Double plus-I get to photograph her again this evening for her six-month photos! All chunk, spice and spitfire, this one.

Love her.

Rylee Martina :: 13 days

This is the most appropriate throwback if I ever saw one.

Christmas in June, anyone?


I think I’m okay with it as long as it’s this dang adorable…!

Ella Lynn :: 1 year

Another awesome family who I have have the honor, pleasure, and all the good vibes about photographing since Andy & Angie’s engagement session just a few short years ago. And then we quickly find ourselves wicked fast-forwarded to their sweet peanut’s first birthday milestone. Where. Does. The. Time. GO!?

Ella was, as always, a ball of energy! Smiles, giggles and running those little toddler legs just about a mile a minute. Not a huge fan of getting messy on command, but we ended with a fun cake smash nonetheless!

Kelsey & Matthew :: Engaged!

I’ve said it before…but I really have some stellar wedding couples this summer! I cannot wait for all my fall weddings!

Kelsey and Matthew were hilariously at ease in front of the camera {and they thought they would be all awkward and shy!}. You guys-I’ve very ridiculous and am potentially over-confident that I can get just about anyone to feel okay in front of me and Mark.

Mark is the name of my camera.

True story.

Anywho, how sweet are these love birds?