Emily & John :: Family

Two blog posts in two days? What is going on with the world?

The past two days I’ve been getting up before the sun and while I’m completely aware that this is normal for most people {my dad jumps out of bed somewhere around 4am — ish}, being a morning person has never been my jam. I’d much rather work or play until the wee hours of the morning in turn for sweet slumber until just before lunchtime. However, I’m finding that *cough* the older I’m getting, the more I’m appreciating what I can accomplish in the morning hours before the world is truly awake. Plus, I’m also finding that I sleep better. Ahh, the wisdom that comes with age.


When Emily contacted me about a family session with her husband and their fur-babies, she spoke of her interest in their horses, pups and her mild obsession with the dreamy light that happens around sunset. As I completely agree {ooo, ooo that sweet honeyed light at golden hour!}, we met one romantic evening at his family’s farm to capture the essence of this newly married couple.

Amanda :: Senior

Living in the Midwest in the Fall is probably one of the best things a person can do for their soul. Brightly hued burnt leaves decorating the treetops and the ground paired with crisp, cool air and a warm shining sun, I’m not sure how one could ever feel unhappy with a landscape as beautiful as Minnesota Autumn!! Social media is lighting up with all sorts of alluring fall foliage images and happenings. Makes a girl get a little travel itch {anyone see the colors on the east coast?! Woah!!} It’s just a great time of the year!!

I got in two weddings this past weekend as well as some much-needed family time with the in-laws. A little hike in the woods, a little grilled BBQ ribs, a mini birthday celebration executed with a apple-crisp finish; it certainly was a perfect weekend.

I awoke before the sun this morning, ready to get through a pile of work. While I was able to be outside most of the weekend, alas, this day will have me in front of the computer. No worries though, friends! It’s all part of the job! :-)

When I was asked to photograph Amanda’s senior session at the family farm, I immediately jumped at the chance! Having also photographed Alex and Christina‘s sessions there, I knew there would be a plethora of options not to mention just a great way to spend a sunny afternoon! {Plus, I think Amanda could be a cowgirl model. I mean-those eyes! That smile! Ooo, that hair! So, so pretty…!}

Ava Elizabeth :: Newborn

Ooooo, look at those sweet little baby cheeks! This session was just so beautiful and fun…I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!

Deep thoughts on a Thursday morning

Thanks to Netflix, our ever-lengthening evenings are beginning to be filled with show after show of television that we’ve ‘missed’ all summer long. Last night, we were watching a mini-marathon of Revolution. A pretty decent show between the loose acting and sometimes hilarious special effects, yet entertaining nonetheless. For those who haven’t watched it {we’re only a few episodes into the first season} it’s basically about a mysterious blackout that happened 15 years prior and how everyone is getting along with no electricity. Swords and fists are the weapons of choice as bullets are scare and guns are outlawed. Horses are the main means for travel, crops and hunting are the primary source of nourishment. It’s interesting.

{P.S. If this happened in real life, my family would totally survive. And probably flourish. Just sayin’.}

Anywho, there’s a British character who carries an iPhone with her at all times, which seems ridiculous as there has been no power for years and thus no way to charge her phone. In a tense, heated moment she’s asked why she is so intent on carrying it with her all the time…she explains that she has been stranded in America since the blackout and her two boys are back in England. The iPhone holds the only photographs of her kids that she has and doubts that she will ever see them again.

I thought this was very interesting.

How many of our memories are stuck inside this black box? Either on a phone, computer, flash drive, disc…what if we couldn’t get them off there…How would our stories be told? Where would our history be drawn from?

Food for thought.

Bethany :: Senior

Oh, this girl!

I was never a dancer. This is no secret if you’ve ever seen me rock out at weddings {or in the car or at family functions or the grocery store or my living room or pretty much anywhere else you find music!}. So when I asked Bethany to ‘show me dance stuff’ the look of sheer glee and amusement that overtook her beautiful face had us both laughing. Patiently, she showed me a few of the fundamentals of dance along with some graceful jumps and unbelievably high-kicks. And while I will never hope to excel at anything more than The Carlton when it comes to dance moves, I will always think of this smiling sweetheart whenever I find myself in a dance studio.

{and then we moved out of the studio for a more traditional senior session!}