Jessica & Jeremy :: Belly Bump

Maternity photos.

Personally, a <hilarious> touchy subject. For most of my teenage/adult life, I toted a story of only having one photo of my mom pregnant with me. Standing in our old house, in the office, permed hair and wicked cool specs, stirrup pants and all cradling a swollen belly with a beaming grin on her face…only to be debunked {again} by my sister as she is actually the one in mom’s belly in that particular photo. Seriously? Seriously. So, not only did I have a completely fabricated and inaccurate account of the day I was born, but I don’t even have a single photo of what my mom looked like when I was a wee-whisper of a person.

Some argue that…well…who cares?! It’s not like my world is shattered because I don’t have this tangible piece of evidence that I was born. I mean-I exist, don’t I? {Oooo, how existential of me!?} But it does matter. To me.

See, it’s interesting watching my friends and siblings become parents. It’s super cool to see things from the adult perspective; to see them fully enveloped in love, to see the stress of trying to balance family with work and fun and family fun, to see things progress. To know that I’ll remember the day I was told so-and-so is pregnant, to watch the belly grow, to see a teeny little baby emerge and be engulfed in a sea of well wishes and love and to wonder about their possibilities. The challenges they will overcome, the changes they will make.

When I hold a photo in my hands, when I relive a memory through a developed piece of paper, these are the thoughts that get pulled to the forefront of my mind.

And, in the end, all we have is memories and photos…is it not?


I was so excited to hear Jessica and Jeremy were pregnant and, dare I say?, ecstatic when they contacted me to sign up for the Sweet Baby Program. To know they’re capturing these memories for their sweet babes makes my heart go all a flutter.:-)An afternoon of beautiful sunshine, two lighthearted people, red machines {yay!}, a nosy puppy and two wee-whipsers of persons…perfection.

Ronan Raymond :: 9 months

Baby Blue Eyes showing off his toothy grin, silly smiles and seemingly endless range of motion. Brothers…one cannot help but to think of the adventures they’re going to have. The mischeif, the fights, the apologies, the cover-ups for each other and the support, love and fondness they’ll forever share for each other.

Ahhhh, life with boys…

Keri - June 23, 2015 - 10:56 am

I love the one with the three boys!!!

Kylie & Elliot :: Married

Everything about this day was pure bliss.

The moment she spun in her dress.

The second her dad saw his daughter as a bride for the very first time.

The sweet glances between husband and wife.

The constant laughter, smiles, jokes, shrieks of joy, whoops of celebration with their dear friends and families.

The joining of two people.

The love shared.

The happy tears shed.

An all encompassing affair to remember for a lifetime.


This is the first time I had the pleasure of working with Curtis and Sharon of Better Together Cinematography and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. Professional, courteous, sweet, creative and so, so kind…I highly recommend them to any of my couples!!!! Check out their video from this wedding…

Grant William :: 3 months

Sometimes I feel like Mondays start off a bit sluggish. Perhaps too much fun was had over the weekend or just the thought having of five solid days of work…or perhaps the grey sky looming sleepily outside…not sure. Even though all the above are true in my case on this particular Monday morning { much fun was had this weekend!!}, I’m charged, amped and ready to rock the socks off of this week!! Yay!! Come’on–sometimes Mondays can be great fun!!


Like little Grant here-even though he was seriously not having the awesome outfits and hilarious noises we were throwing his way {very great thing that photos do not come with sound!}, we still had an awesome session…complete with the little Mr. totally checking out and falling asleep on us! I thumbs up liked it.


Louie Michael :: 9 months

It’s here, it’s here :: it’s BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!


The week where I work, and PLAY, all week long!! Yesterday I worked the beverage cart at a fundraiser golf tournament in a neighboring town. Aside from driving on the green {I’ve never driven on a golf course before and I don’t golf so…my bad!}, we had an awesome time. And I won a pedicure in the door prize drawing!! Yay!! Follow me on Insta if you want to see more of what I’m up to this week,,,{sweetshibui}…otherwise, I’ll be seeing you on the flip side!!


Since it will be Louie’s Birthday Week shortly, I figured it was perfect timing to show off this sweet little boy! So many smiles and baby giggles–I can’t wait to see him demolish his cake next month!