Seamus Arthur :: 6 months

Celebrated this cuties’ 1-year birthday this week!! He was all smiles, blue frosting and everything that is boy…but that’s for another post.;-)

This session…he was all smiles, blue eyes and everything that is boy! Dump trucks and green bowties, bit smiles for his brother and sister, reading with dad, <off-camera> snuggles with mom…I really do love photographing this family!

a good man

It has been a fast and roller-coaster whirlwind two weeks around here.

I received the call two weeks ago today that my grandpa had passed away. With my parents, sister, niece and nephew and his wife of nearly 63 years by his side, he quietly drew his last breath on this earth and was gone. We all knew this day was coming {he had reached the very-experienced age of 92} and we were actually praying that he would find peace soon to end the constant torment of headachs and low-mobility.

My grandpa was a great many things. When I was little, he was stern faces, farming, KDHL radio, early to bed and earlier to rise. I remember being surprised and delighted when I could pull a sideways grin from his always tan, wrinkled face. I don’t remember him ever yelling at us…which says alot about his everyday disposition {who would dare want to get grandpa riled up?!}. As I got older, I went to him for school reports. Historical information; both my Papa and Grandpa had excellent memories. He came to my volleyball matches and softball games. He was there for my high school graduation and celebrated with me when I came home from college. He was always there. Present, observing, offering up a quiet smile, a one-line zinger; a constant stronghold.

After college, but before marriage, I was stuck in a pickle. I had found myself a job out of college and had already decided I needed to go back for a different degree. Pairing a full-time school schedule with previous student loans and a mediocre-paying job made finding affordable living a touch difficult. When I pitched the idea of living in their basement for a few months, my grandma and grandpa welcomed the idea with open arms. Three years later, I moved out and into a house with my husband. While some would consider living with their, eh, conservative grandparents during their mid-20s a bit of a bummer, I found it most relaxing and rewarding. The notes back and forth, random bits of gifted leftovers in the refrigerator {theirs and mine}, ‘late’ night living-room chats over popcorn and apple slices, working side by side in the garden, getting the mail, stern laughing lectures about my excellent cleaning abilities…or lack thereof. Yes, they were two of the best roommates I’ve ever had {second only to the fellow and our pup}.

When grandma and grandpa moved into the Northfield Retirement Community a year ago, it was hard. It was hard for them to part with the home they had built and loved so much; it was hard for us to watch them. But the choice was ultimately the right one and they both soon settled into life of true retirees. No more laundry, cooking, cleaning, vacuuming…they fit in just fine. Visiting them both in their new home turned out to feel pretty much like visiting them in their old home. Chats in the living-room, sewing with grandma, sitting with grandpa. Talks about farming and gardening, walks around the retirement community, treats in the dining hall.

Slowly, he began to nap more and talk less. He still kept a watchful eye and had an amazing pulse on not only what was happening in the outside world, but also on his sons’ farming and business operations. He always asked about this business, about our house and any trips we had been on or were about to embark upon. About a month ago, I showed him a couple short videos of the fellow and I snorkeling, Jeeping and adventuring in Mexico and I was able to coax another sideways grin. Shaking his head, he patted my hand and just smiled.
It will probably be one of my most favorite memories with him.

Harold James Little
July 16, 1923 – May 10, 2016

LeAnne, Fred, Kaycee, Derrik, Tyler & Chris :: Family

Since this beautiful afternoon a new family member made her appearance! But, broken record over here!, there’s never a wrong time to schedule a family session! Now Little Miss will have these photos to look back on to see what her crazy uncles looked like around the time she was born {not to mention who backed which team…!}. She’ll see her puppy; full of spice and confidence. Her grandma and grandpa and their open joy for their growing family. And she’ll see mom and dad in life before baby. Although not quite complete, their happiness and undeniable connection is ever-present in their smiles and laughs, their hand-holding and sweet gazes.

And that, my friends, is so worth capturing all the moments.

Cathy & Barney :: Newlyweds

Married for nearly one month, Barney and Cathy’s ‘newlywed’ session was nothing short of lovely. It was brisk and breezy, but these two paid no attention as we roamed the area in search of color and interesting angles {Barney is a photo enthusiast; super fun to work and talk shop!}. Oh, we how we laughed as we chatted about how they met…Cathy kept saying how she couldn’t believe she got so lucky to have wound up with such a sweet soul but, even after just meeting them for such a short while, I firmly decided that they positively deserve each other.

Like attracts like. Love attracts love. And good things always come to those who wait…and are awesome.


Teege, Chelsea, Jax James :: Family

A perk..or, depending upon how you look at it, a curse of being part of our family is that I get free reign to photograph you and yours at any given time. Granted, I’m terrible at busting out my lady boss camera {gross, I just said lady boss?} when all I want to do is relax and hang out with my family, but those are really when a person gets the best real images, you know!? Throwing that sentiment out into the open, here’s hoping for more everyday images from yours truly. I know you’re all just dying to see what my real life looks like.;-)

If you are a curious kitty, check out @triciastreitz on Insta for riveting photos and insights. Today I ate my breakfast with a roasting fork because all the other cutlery is currently in the dishwasher. Thought-provoking and stimulating news there, I know.

Back to the thoughts at hand. I love taking shots of my family, especially the kiddos. Their hilarious expressions, giggles, hugs, cuddles, tantrums, scream-fits and the like are all awesome to me. Being Auntie, I can say that. Load ‘em up on love and gummy worms then send them packing!

I had an idea to utilize smoke bombs and color powder after Chels and I did The Color Run last summer. Bummer to see that it became a trend sometime around when we did these, but whatever-it was still a blast! We ended up running out of daylight before we were able to really play with the smoke bombs {and it was a little dry so…!}, but be sure to scroll to the bottom for some excellently colorful shots of this rockin’ family of three!

If you have an idea for a family session, please shout it out! I love a good challenge and personalizing your session to fit the
life and times of your family is pure awesome.