I’m back!!

If you’ve noticed, things have been a bit quiet round the Sweet Shibui realm for the past two weeks…no Facebook posts, narry a blog update or an Instagram pic…no email responses or returned voicemails…and it was because we were on a glorious vacation on the teeny Caribbean island of Antigua! For 12 days, we lounged, beached, swam, sailed, fished, sunned, ate, air boated, adventured, laughed and slept our way into sublime levels of laziness and relaxation. It was wonderful and so needed to completely unplug; no cell service, limited wi-fi {for those who chose to seek it…I, for one, did not.}. No ringing phones, no texts, no emails, pings, tweets, Facebooking, people stalking…it was amazing.

We flew home early this morning and it feels great to be back.

Full vacation recap coming at ‘cha soon.

For now, enjoy this sunset from our catamaran cruise last weekend.

I {heart} vacations.

Marissa & Scott :: Engaged

This weather we’ve been experiencing in the Midwest has been positively infectious. Sunshine and daylight, temps that coax a person to be outside. Wow, it’s just so, so great to see springtime again!

It’s right up there with the the lovely minutes I shared with Marissa and Scott last fall for their sun-soaked engagement session.




Does it get any better!?

Aiken Jordan :: 3 months

Hello and happy Wednesday!

I’m in disbelief that it’s already March but extremely pleased that daylight savings is this weekend…sign me up for longer lit nights, mmkay!?

Oh, I know you’re with me. You’re nodding. I know. It’s all good.


So is this session. All goodness and wonderful and dreamy and fall-like.

I likes.

Fallon Jay :: 1 year

Happy Monday!!

The sun is shining, there are rumors of a blizzard-like storm heading our way and we fixed our super messed coffee pot this weekend so my coffee is perked to perfection…what more could a person ask for?!

Perhaps, I’ve had an extra cup or two of joe this morning…coupled with successfully rolling out of bed and into an excellent workout in the early am hours…and I found the most hilariously sweet Pandora station {Nelly anyone?! Oh, how I’ve missed my friends Shaggy, Eminem, Luda, Chingy…throwback to great times in the LeSabre when the best music came courtesy of a mixed disc in a portable CD player contraption playing through the tape deck…parents who gift their kids beautiful new cars in high school are doing a serious disservice to the creativity and devil-may-care attitude that comes with owning a rusty beater of a grandma car…just saying}.;-)

Ramble much!?


On to the task at hand.

IT’S MARCH!!!!!!

I saw a photo of this little Miss on Facebook this morning and couldn’t believe how much she had already grown in the past few months since we took these!! Oh, this sweet little peanut–make sure to scroll all the way down to see her fabulous cake smash celebration!!

One big happy family

I’m so anxious for spring, you guys! I’m already thinking about spring walks with the pup, sessions that don’t require eight layers of clothing, having the windows open in the house, curtains fluttering in the breeze. Rain. Green! Sunshine…I’m pouring over seed catalogs, dreaming of gardening; can’t wait to get my hands into that rich soil. It feels like I’ve never been so ready for spring, yet perhaps I felt the same last winter?


It’s still winter. It’s still {mostly} white outside. It’s still frigid. It’s still dark at 6pm.

I’ll deal.

I’ve got an ice-rink engagement session on the horizon and I’m super pumped. Shoveling snow is great cardio exercise. I’ve yet to build my yearly snowman and I haven’t quite had my fill of hot chocolate and other wintertime comfort foods.

So, for now, let’s continue looking at beautiful smiling faces from the fall to appease our warmer-weather wanderlust, mmkay?