Kelly, Rob, Logan & Jonathan :: Family

All the families, all the love. All. The. Time.

Right now is a great time to schedule your family photos! Yesterday waiting in line at the grocery store was also a good time, but I also get how sometimes losing yourself in that deliciously scandalous magazine rack they have strategically placed right smack dab in the middle of your waiting can also beckon for your attention, so I’ll be lenient. This time.

Hanging out with Kate and Rob and their fantastically photogenic progeny on a sunny, late summer afternoon was nothing short of the definition of sweet. Where people get to live just slays me. This family loves together easily; their house nestled in the rolling country hills with cows lazily wandering about under shade trees while birds swoop and serenade and a go-kart rips nearby, signaling the life of country kids who are in absolutely no shortage of good times.

Ah, the best of all the worlds.

Styve :: Class of 2018

Busy season is in full swing and I’m solidly up to my eyeballs in editing, shooting, emailing, downloading, uploading, ordering, calling and all the things! A huge thanks and shout out to all clients who have been extremely patient during the super-swamped season!!
I’ve also been a bit slow on the blogging front, so let’s see what we can do about that…

Styve had some great ideas for her senior photo session and truly was a natural in front of the camera. Doesn’t hurt that we shot at the always gorgeous Gardens of Castle Rock {where you can join me this Tuesday, October 24, 4-7pm, alongside 29 other vendors for a wedding open house! Should be good times!! #shamelessplug} and that the sun was perfection for us!!

Also, I have a little policy with senior photos that, generally, if you come with to watch…you’ll be asked to participate.;-)
You’ve been warned.

Jason :: Class of 2018 {part one}

Growing up on an agricultural farm leaves a soft spot in my heart for anything to do with country living and bring true to one’s roots.

Well, that, and I love when clients bring their own ideas to me!


Jason wanted to incorporate his growing herd into his senior photos and I said, well…absolutely! On a picture perfect day, we hung out in the lush green pasture, chatting and laughing, chasing cows and capturing memories.

The Brauns :: Family


There. I said it. In all caps, mind you, so it must be true. And I must be yelling at you.

It’s the caffeine talking, I swear.

Nonetheless, I really do love large family sessions. I fully realize how big a pain in the rear it can be to not only figure out a time that works for everyone, but also plan a wardrobe and a location and props and all the little extras along the way…but, I promise you this, it’s totally worth it.

Evelyn Grace :: 1 year!

Eek!! Ah, this sweet little miss turned one this summer and we had quite the time getting her session accomplished! Ha-between moving {us and them!}, weather and time constraints, it proved to be a bit of an obstacle …but, then again, I rarely back away from a challenge!

Little Evelyn was such a joy to play with this past year! Quiet and sweet, spicy yet darling, smiling and laughing the whole way through…