Steve, Traci, Anna, Julia, Vincent {and Lilly!} :: Family

They are saying 8-12 inches are expected here over the weekend and I am PUMPED! I have loved this balmy February weather, but -seriously- it’s Minnesota and I want SNOW in the winter! I haven’t even built a single snowman this winter…how sad is that? I want to sled and snowshoe and be cold enough that a mug of hot cocoa sounds perfection {which really doesn’t take much cajoling, but ride with me on the beautiful wintry fantasy, will you?}. I want to be landlocked into my house for a day because the snow is too treacherous to drive it. I want to shovel and be annoyed by dog who loves snow but apparently abhors shovels. I love winter!

And with that, I’m loading up today with sunshiny images both with this fun family and as well as over on my Facebook page. Check it out to get your summer fix before winter comes again!

This family…oh, this family. Sweet little Vincent had us all laughing with his giggles and flip-of-a-switch serious expressions. And the dog! And all those beautifully sweet girls! That is certainly one luck family man…

Chris & Danette, Jake, Travis & Holly :: Family

Alrighty, let’s chat for a moment shall we?

Doesn’t it just feel like one of those days you want to sit back and wrap your hands around a steaming warm mug and stare out the window while lazily-looping cursive swoops around in your head, creating your mental to-do list for the day? Am I the only one who has a mental list in cursive? Yes? No?

All the best of days should start off with some quiet time reserved for random thoughts and reflections…for example…

I’ve never been a ‘how do you like your eggs’ kind of girl and don’t even get me started on my coffee traditions. Sometimes I like my coffee black and other days I opt for a thick pour of heavy whipping cream. This is the only kind of half-n-half that our household messes around with {and that’s reserved mainly for leisure Saturday mornings or when our good Alaskan friend is gracing us with his presence. Either/or.}. When I’m on the Spit, I enjoy it with loud glug of Bailey’s and a dollop of homemade whipped cream. Every third trip to the local Starbucks will have me opting for soy milk in my triple shot latte; otherwise, it’s a regular milk kind of day. I enjoy French Press as well as cold press and treat myself to a Miel Latte on special holidays, like my birthday or purchasing a new piece of equipment day or Thursdays. Mmmm…Thursdays. Thursdays are my jam!

But then, let’s get a little bit back to business…on a related, but totally not associated, topic of things we should also take more time for…

Photo sessions.

At the risk of sounding like an amazing rendition of a broken record, it’s never a wrong time to schedule a photo session. It is always the right time to hang out with family and the ones you love. To capture memories. To laugh and love and be present in the day. There’s so many times that I mentally kick myself for not bringing my camera, not pausing to concrete this moment in time. Not for Facebook or Insta or {for the love of all ridiculous things} Snapchat, but for myself. To have my memories preserved for me.

Time is fleeting, my friends.

Take the time to revel in it.

Breonna :: Class of 2017

All this gorgeous sunshine makes me really very excited for summer. For open windows and walks in the sunshine. Outdoor activities and sunshine. Blossoming trees and warm wind and bonfires and did I mention sunshine?


Summer and the beautifully glorious light-does it get any better? Hmmm..what if I tossed a gorgeous senior, on her family farm, with her super cool kicks and unbelievably stunning fashion sense…made her parents jump in for a couple shots {you know, just for good measure…}…yeah. That’s it.

That really is the bees knees.

Wild & Free Supply

Thus far, in my short adult life, I feel like I have etched a few notches on my travel belt. I’ve watched cliff divers in awe, danced with the Moko Jumbie, sat on a Parisian rooftop to watch the sunrise, hiked around the Grand Canyon {which is a laughable long story, right Fellow?};-), made random friends at a wine shop in Roma, seen one of the world’s oldest salt mines and have a growing list of places and experiences that I want to travel to next. I just can’t get enough of going somewhere new!

My parents { be fair, mostly my Dad!} pounded it into my head before I headed out on my first solo journey over eleven years ago to be wary and cautious and all that jazz and to mostly watch my money. Keeping your funds close by while traveling is certainly easier these days than it used to be and, although I’m partial to the 1980s money belt, I found myself looking for an easier way to carry a bit of cash, my ID and a card on my person at all times without having some bulky satchel or uncomfortably situated, glorified fanny pack {have you ever had to scrounge around in a money belt while at a busy cafe counter while balancing your travelers back and trying not to take someone out, just in order to snag a couple measly euros? Nothing says tourist like a moron with their shirt hovering around their beautifully exposed midsection as they bump into fellow caffeine fanatics and knock the biscotti and sugar packets to the floor-plus, you’re tipping off any good pick-pockets as to where you keep your passport, most cash and spare card. Don’t be old me. Don’t be a moron.}

Let the Interwebs search begin!

After clicking aimlessly, not entirely certain of what I was searching for but still not finding what I dreamed of, there it was. The Travelers Wallet. I partnered up with Wild and Free Supply soon after visiting their website for the first time because, I mean, come on. Super beautiful, hand crafted leather goods that not only supply jobs in ‘scarcely resourced areas’, but also a company that has a mission statement a person can feel good about standing behind. I love how compact the wallet is-easy for a dude to put in his front pocket {never leave your wallet in your back pocket when traveling!!} and small enough for the most compact of purses, tightest of skinny jeans {okay, maybe not the tightest…} or even as a hand-held, let’s-run-quick-and-grab-some-gelato kind of thing. But, seriously, they say it better on their website anyway and there’s loads of other cool products and pics and videos…so go check it out!! As soon as my laptop bag falls apart {which is looking like half-past quarter to NEVER! Ugh. Sigh. Darn quality made items!}, I cannot wait to get my hands on their Laptop Messenger Bag…rustic brown or cognac…I’m not too picky.


Diana & Scott :: Married!

The welcomed the day with smiles, even though it seemed dismally overcast and gloomy. Two families were merging on this day and, because of that, the warmth of love and kinship heavily outweighed the unpredictability of Mother Nature. In her house, with all her favorite ladies and sisters, she softly smiled and allowed the day to unfold around her. Jokes were told and memories were made as gentle girlish laughter tangled together from one room to the next. And then, after the champagne was popped, the dress was slipped on and the final obligatory glance in the mirror to check to ensure that everything was just so…it was time.

They drove separately to The Barn for their first sight as soon-to-be husband and wife. As soon as the doors opened and he turned to see her and all her resplendent beauty…he smiled…and then he paused. To soak in this moment of seeing his bride, to remember this moment for the rest of his life. Slowly the embraced and euphoric energy seemed to radiated from them.

The sun broke through the clouds sometime during their nuptuials and the weather turned to match the vitality of the day. This, their wedding day. The day they vowed themselves to each other and celebrated their love with all their far-traveling family and friends. They day they promised to love each other forever. Mucho.

Hair/Makeup Artist :: Amy Green at Salon Capri

Florist :: Judy’s Floral Design

Photographer :: Sweet Shibui Photography

Dress :: Brides of France

Groom’s Attire :: JC Penny

Venue :: The Barn at Crockers Creek, Faribault

Music :: Derek Hoffman of Hano and the Hoff Entertainment, LLC

Shoes :: David’s bridal

Accessories :: Etsy

Catering :: Maria’s Catering and Taco Hut

Cake :: Bluebird Cakery

Cake topper :: PS Weddings and Events, Etsy

Bartending Service :: With A Twist