Cady & Michael :: Engaged

These two got married at a gorgeous Wisconsin venue nearly two weeks ago…seems high time that their engagement session sees the light of day, right?!

Kind of like a throwback…Wednesday…?


One of these days, I’m going to be so on top of blogging it’ll make your head spin. Till then…I appreciate you all bearing with me!

I photographed Michael’s sister’s wedding a couple years ago and was so excited when he contacted me to work with him and Cady! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more chill or laid-back couple…the St. Croix River provided the perfect winter backdrop as the three of us tromped through the snow and giggled away the afternoon, capturing all the best things in life.

A budding friendship. Sweet glances. Handholding. Love.

Quinnell Babe 2

Let’s all pause for just a moment and savor this morning that is Monday. The smells of roasted coffee beans, the slow jazz playing in the background and the promise of an entire week of plans and work and life laid out in front of you. A happily shining sun. A beautiful weekend of work and friends and progress now a memory. It truly is a wonderful life.

My clients have got me feeling pretty lucky these days. The love that I get to share in, the milestone moments I get to be a part of, the life I get to capture.

You guys…there’s no other word to describe it except for amazing.

For a perfect example, let’s take this beautiful, happy, fun, glowing, hilarious, lovinggrowing family.

A chance meeting. A gorgeous rainy wedding. The first babe and a few landmark photo ops during that first year of growth. The gathering of a tight family.

The story of just a handful of years, captured for a lifetime of memories.

And then we find ourselves meeting up again, for yet another tender hearted afternoon, documenting the love that started between two people and grew into a family of four.

Sophie Marie :: 6 months

Babies who smile and giggle and laugh and are just this darn adorable…yes, that is what makes the world go ’round!

Happy Summer

How is it already half-way through July?! What is this summer?!

We have been busy bees around the my new neck of the woods lately-purchasing our new country property, selling our first home, relocating the business to a temporary office space, gutting/planning/renovating an existing building on said property…plus all the fun of a regular summer {mixed with so many plans we made pre-house sale! Oye!} and the comfort and ease of living in an ahem very small space. This summer has been an adventure for sure.

And it’s not over yet.

Images I took while second shooting with Nicole Spangler Photography this summer.
Edited by NSP, see more of our awesome work from this gorgeous day on Nicole’s blog!!

Evelyn :: 6 months

Yeah, that’s right.

There’s Christmas lights in the background of these images.


Most likely because we took them right around Christmastime.

So…enjoy a sweet little girl and a little Christmas in July, eh?!