Just like that, it’s Monday

Did you have an enjoyable weekend?

Were you able to have some fun? See some friends? Work on a project?

Did you chill out on a pontoon for ladies lake day? Make new business connections? Shoot a fabulous wedding? Whip up some zuchinni bread? Finally watch Deadpool all the way through without nodding off {weekends are rough}?

Was your time well spent or does this Monday leave you wishing for more?

Just me?

Whatever your case may be, I’m wishing you a stellar workweek. May the next five days be filled with good things; a funky mid-day dance party break or two, new opportunities, networking and sweat-working, nose-to-the-grindstone daylight hours so that this coming weekend can be one filled with all the well-deserved fun stuff.

160430 Lara & Pat 786

Lara & Pat’s wedding; second shooting for Laurie of lauren b photography

Assisting and second shooting is seriously the bees knees.

Alayna Jo :: 4 weeks

Keeping up with all the baby pics!

I cannot stress enough how much I adore family photos. There’s never a terrible time to take them and there’s never any regret that they happened–only when they don’t. Time is fleeting and we have no grasp on how important every day is until it’s too late. Miss Alayna’s grandmother and great-grandmother wanted to swing in for some generational photos with their little babe and who was I to argue? Oh, and the last pic in this post? Who wouldn’t want an image like that?

Take the time.

Take the photos.

Bentley Ryan :: 16 days

A couple weeks ago, I posted that babies are everywhere. I wasn’t kidding…or complaining.

Look at those cheeks! And that sweet, soft skin. The wrinkles; the rolls. Tiny toes, smaller fingers, precious new life. Instant adoration by big brother and such a strong love from mom and dad.

Yeah, I think I can get used to all these babes.

Seamus Arthur :: 1year!

I love Mondays. And Tuesdays. I enjoy Wednesdays and really like Thursdays. But Fridays? Fridays are my jam. They are my productive day of getting stuff done so I can play all weekend. They are the swirly, hand-blown Murano glass bowl that awaits a delicious scoop of Saturday and delightfully hefty topping of Sunday.

Everything is food.

And all food is better with cake.

Sketchy segue? Stay with me…it’s all gravy…


Mr. Seamus’ 1-year session was, in a word, awesome. When I pulled into their gorgeous country homestead, the skies were crowded with huge beautiful pillows of blue-gray rain clouds. Of course, it started raining the moment I walked in their door, but our frowns were turned upside-down when the precipitation quickly tapered off and outside we went! Family photos, quirky sibling pics and some solo portraits ensued before wrapped our time with an excellent cake smash.

If that just doesn’t start your Friday off right…I don’t know what will!

Happy weekend everyone!

everybody loves that food weather

So…how ’bout that storm last night?


I’m sure everyone who knows anyone in the Midwest is clearly already aware of how much we just love to talk about the weather. It’s true that not only is it a great conversation starter, but anyone can have an opinion about it, making it really about networking and empathizing. Myself? I’d way prefer a slightly different kind of weather over the wind, sheets of rain and cracks of lightening from last night…but…that might not be all too realistic.

So, therefore, we throw on our boots, air up that flat wheelbarrow tire, call on our families and dig in for some solid tree hugging time. When it rains; sometime it pours…and other times it offers us a chance at free firewood, good exercise and a little bit of humility in that it can always be worse.

{taken on my iPhone; biggest tree down in our yard, just barely missed the house}