EvieLee :: Class of 2016

It starts slow.

A twitch of her lips, a light dance in her eyes.

Soon, her cheeks get rosey, her green eyes crinkle with amusement, she tousles her hair and her whole body transforms as the smile quickly erupts into fits of giggles. She simply cannot help herself; she’s a beautiful, naturally happy girl.

Ryan & Sara :: Married

The day was calling for rain. In fact, the ground was begging for it. The leaves on the trees turned upwards toward the sky, searching for precipitation and relief from the warm August sunshine and humidity. In truth, this made for a glorious backdrop for the days events.

Surrounded by her sisters, nieces, mother and so, so much love, she slipped into her bridal gown. Adjusted her pearl necklace just so. Received approving glances from her flower girls and softly smiled to herself as she applied the final touches of makeup. She was ready.

Confidently, she strolled out of the suite, down the hallway. Pausing only for a moment, she pushed the door open and started walking toward her groom.

He was waiting, a quick smile on his lips and mischief dancing in his eyes. It was a day they had hoped for and waited for and dreamed of and wanted for so long…and it was finally here.

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Victoria :: Class of 2016

Every year I get a solid new batch of seniors. Yeah, yeah…kind of a no, duh! statement but stay with me here.

They come from all different backgrounds with varying interests, personalities, ideas and dreams. Some are from the same network as seniors past; others I am dumbstruck at how they even got my name.;-)Yet each individual is just that :: an individual. Remarkable and unparalleled. Nobody can tell their own story better than themselves…Getting to know these young adults, getting them to open up to photograph the real side of them, within an hour is usually tough/impossible which is why I tend to not fix an hourly limit my senior sessions. We shoot until we get what we came for, regardless of the marking on the clock. Sometimes that’s 30 minutes, sometimes it’s an entire morning…either way, it is time beautifully spent.

To throw time into something is possibly one of the best investments I’ve made in my business {and my personal!} life. Rash decisions and hurried creativity are not my thing. Sure, I work well under deadlines, timed tests are my jam and I suppose everything has to have some sort of limitation, but generally…gifting and sharing my time has provided me with the most lucrative and worthwhile results. Genuine smiles. New experiences. Heartfelt stories. Feeling alive. Being thorough. Sincerely connecting.

Because ordinary people are amazing.

Everyone’s tale is worth being told and devoured in earnest.

Jared, Jessi, Olivia, Kate, Evelyn :: Family

Another perfectly meshing not matching!, beautiful family to spotlight on the blog!

You guys–it’s FRIDAY!! Again!! Ahhh, I’ve been waiting all week for this glorious day. The beginning of the weekend; so many great events await on the agenda and I’m PUMPED! Family time, friend time, family-friend time…it’s gonna be good. Up first, mixing up a mega-batch of sloppy joes. {Score.} Well, really, I guess before I get to that I should wrap this up…!

This is the first time I’ve photographed Jessi and Jared’s family and I very sincerely hope it is not the last! These girls are full of such spunk and personality…we walked around their gorgeous property shooting here, giggling there, petting kitties and chasing the dog…glorious. And just as we were wrapping up the night, the girls went into full gymnast mode and I did not stop shooting until we ran out of sunlight. I could not believe the flips and jumps and speed! and amazing things these three were whipping out…so, so, so, so much fun…

Patty & Tom :: Family

Just so many great, wonderful, loud, laughing, happy-times families this fall!

I photographed Lauren and Cole’s wedding nearly two years ago and also had an awesome time capturing the first year of their son, Greyson’s, life {so, so, so sweet…check them out here, here, here, here, and here!!}. When I was contacted about details for configuring a full family session…I was so game!

We met on a beautiful afternoon. The sunlight was magical, the people were on time! and happy and, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that, we got some great shots together. Posed and candid. Silly and serious. A beautiful mix that truly represents this wonderful family…