Cole & Lauren :: Married

It’s been a fast few weeks since Cole and Lauren’s beautiful, rainy-day June wedding…but that doesn’t make the memories any less sweet. The love these two hold close for each other was apparent with every wink, laugh and stolen hug they shared throughout the day. Through the tears they shed when they both saw their little man, Greyson, walk into the hallway. Through the smiles they exchanged as they held each others hands at the alter.

Though the rain may have dampened the day outside; inside the church, the reception and this new family beginning as one…all anyone could see was the bright light of love.

Leanne estrem - July 20, 2014 - 12:25 pm

Love the photos! Great looking bride and groom,! Love love the awesome talented Trisha streitz. Congrats from Kevin and Leanne estrem

Savannah James :: 9 months

Yesterday, in and of itself, was an experience in the nuances that is travel. I’ll get into the details in my New York post later this week, but I have to say that I am just relaxed to be back home again. Waking up to bright green trees against a brilliant blue sky…big cities don’t have anything on open countryside.


And it’s also this sweetheart’s first birthday today!! Hard to think that a year ago I was squealing tires on my way to the hospital in hopes that I would make the delivery on time…and Miss Savi J was born a mere 31 minutes later. Full of mischievous smiles and a deep-rooted love for her momma, this little one is going to change the world. Just you wait.

Happy first birthday, Savannah James!

Mason :: 2 years

I woke up at 4:27am this morning to a silent alarm going on off my phone. Unsure of how that happened, and why anyone would want a silent-alarm feature in the first place, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and rolled out of bed. Literally, I rolled myself off the bed and onto the floor. I am not a morning person. By any stretch. But then it dawned on me that today was the start of a great adventure and suddenly energy was surging through me…for the next eleven minutes and then I promptly dozed off again as Mr. Nick drove me to the airport.

Seriously. No mornings.

A long story shortened, a double shot tall soy latte, a delayed plane, a late shuttle and eight hours later I arrived.

New York, New YORK!!

I’ll spare you my cabaret {even over the webs it’s pretty terrible} and just say that I’m so excited to be here right now!!! I’m here mostly for business as I’m attending an amazing wedding workshop this week {eeekkk!!!}, but…then I also will stay a few extra days for complete and utter over-the-top tourist pleasure.

You guys. This job of mine…

And another note about little things that I love, check out this half pint! Mason has grown up so much since his newborn photographs two years ago; but he certainly is still all that is sweet and red-haired and all-boy!!!

site down :: temporarily

A little public service announcement that my website is going to be a bit finicky {as in, possibly not visible} for the next 24 hours or so…but with good reason.


So hang in there and all will reveal itself in good time!

Happy Day, Happy Dance!!!

Esme Elisabeth :: 1 year

It’s the last day of June and I sit computer-tied and caffeine-highed in disbelief. These last 30 days were fabulously amazing; visit from my best friend from the west coast, skydiving, birthday awesomeness, a beautiful wedding, ample time for outdoor socializing with friends and we wrapped it all up with a pocket adventure to South Dakota this weekend. Yup, that was a month for the books, that’s for certain!

I think the older I get, the quicker summertime seems to slip through my fingertips. Tomorrow is July and before we know it, we’ll be setting the turkey down for Thanksgiving.

Nuts, I tell you.

A couple weeks ago, I photographed this little Miss to capture her 1-year likeness. Her mom and I laughed and reminisced about how quickly that year seemed to fly by-her newborn session rendered her so sleepy and peaceful and now sweet Esme is full of toothy grins and energy! A sunny early summer afternoon made for a perfect backdrop for this delightful growing babe.

{And, seriously? That hair!? LOVE!}