Rebecca & Trevor :: Engaged

Would you believe it if I told you we whipped through this session in 25 minutes?

Racing against the beautifully setting sun, we scored some gorgeous golden light among the stolen kisses and tender glances.

Sometimes less is simply more…so, so much more.

Abagail :: Class of 2016

Hey, there, beautiful girl.

Abagail marks number twelve of my cousins whom I have had the fun, pleasure, honor excellent privileged of photographing their senior session…while I still have two boys left on the docket, she will have been the last of the chick cousins, and she brought it. All. So. Awesome.

With a nearly unreal sense for clothing and fashion paired with those dimples and flashing green eyes, Abs certainly rocked her senior sesh. As we roamed around town, laughing, driving and shooting all over, I realized that as much as I enjoy the actual work of theses sessions, I enjoy getting to hang out even more. Getting a solid chunk of one-on-one time with any 17ish-year-old is hard to come by, doubly so when they are dressed to kill and photograph ready.;-)Wondering around on a sunny afternoon was a treat in itself and I’m so happy to have had that afternoon together.

Jude :: 1 year

Heck yes, what an awesome fall!

I’m so happy about this stellar mild weather and the sun shining outside my window. I’ve been working off limited hours of sleep these past few nights {but ultimate hours of fun sessions, Auntie sleepovers, endless editing, cousin shenanigans, early morning airport trips, last minute November SALE orders…!} and I think I’m quite wired off the energy of it all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again; I much prefer to be busy, busy, busy!! No complaints here!

Cannot wait to Insta a few of the sweet November SALE products as they come in!! Ooooo…stay tuned for that…

But, for now, how about a little baby bootie? I mean, he had stars on his pockets…and such a sweet smile {and some stoic expressions as well}…Mr. Jude certainly did know how to work the camera…

Arianne & John :: Engaged!

Hanging out with these two on a sunny fall afternoon…

Simply. Wonderful.

I could tell you about the obvious ways in which he adores her. The way he gently holds her hand. The sweet way he tucks her hair back in place. The loving glances he steals when she’s not doing anything out of the ordinary.

I could tell you about that.

I could tell you about how she has eyes for nobody but him. How she wrinkles her nose when he makes her laugh. How she confidently leads and follows as long as he is by her side. How she seems to melt into him when he holds her. Comfortably. Lovingly.

I could tell you about that.

But why tell when I can simply show


In its best, purest and most beautiful form.

Ryan :: Class of 2016

Right around noon today I hit 10,000 steps on my FitBit. If you’ve ever been around me when I hit 10K steps, it looks something like this…

Group celebration, yes!
In case you’re wondering, I totally resemble Brick in this celebratory jump. {He’s far right.}
No joke.
So, yeah, it’s been an awesome day. I rolled out of bed this morning and made this day mine. I am jazzed about the session I had this morning {hilarious! I love that people are patient with my somewhat lame ideas…}, pumped to have worked in a quick gym stop, client meeting, delivery…took 17 minutes to catch up on my soaps {yeah…that’s right} and am stoked to have a nearly-4-month session in this upper 60 degree B-E-A-U-TIFUL November day.
It seems like all my best, most favorite days involve a session or two. It must be about getting the creative juices flowing or being able to spend time getting to know truly excellent and unique people…or it could be that I thoroughly enjoy my job. Or maybe a big mix of all of that sprinkled with magic and dipped in awesome.

Like Ryan’s senior session. No big deal, but this kid is rad. He drives semi-trucks, farms like a boss and is quite nice and sincere! He laughed at my jokes {even though they’re terrible and usually don’t make sense} and was a great sport about taking photos on a muggy summer morning. His family farm offered the perfect backdrop for exploring and I think we nailed this session…wouldn’t you agree?!