Laura & Graeme :: Married in Canada

Oh, hellllloooooo there!

Seems I’ve been a bit absent on the blog lately; sincerest apologies! The holiday season is a busy one, not only for this industry as a whole, but I love filling all the nooks and crannies with holiday cheer and good vibes. Man, oh man…this time of year {well, I guess, any time of year!} I’m all about the good vibes. A snow storm is on its way to us and, with that, I have a date with some wrapping paper, Christmas tea and holiday movies today while the fellow braves the elements to go boarding. Very excited for this beautiful snowfall!

With that, let’s take a journey back in time to when I logged over 2,000 miles in one weekend to capture this fabulously beautiful ranch wedding in Canada with Krissy. It was charming, it was special, it was quietly stunning and it will forever be imprinted on my heart.

The fires were raging on the West Coast when we shot this wedding; while their wrath was devastating, the smokey fog was a silver lining, lending a touch of hushed magic to our day.

Heather & Brad :: Married

I know it’s not Thursday, but I’m posting this throwback regardless. What can I say; I love to recklessly throw caution to the wind. I’m crazy like that. I break all the rules.

Besides…who doesn’t want a little extra dose of love and sunny country before this glorious Thanksgiving weekend?! This wedding is one that needs no words as the emotions and love are so effervescent and true…the images really speak for themselves.

Jordan :: Class of 2017

Ah, Monday. We meet again.

Our weekend was one of those get stuff done, be boring around the house kind of weekends and, although it was pretty much lackluster and blah, we sure did get some things accomplished! Looking out over the yard this morning through freshly washed clear windows gives me a hefty slice of homeowner satisfaction.

It seems like the days and weeks are determined to fly full steam ahead, so we might as well get on board! Jordan’s senior session took place late this summer {even though it feels like a matter of days ago} on a beautiful hot Minnesota night. The heat and mild humidity were waived aside in favor of talking about classic cars and college plans while the sun hung low on the horizon. It surly was a perfect day.

Conlee James :: 1 year

I so adore this sweet family session. Perhaps it’s because, over the years, we’ve established not only a fantastic working relationship, but also a friendship. Jess and I went to school for photography together…from that chance meeting, I have been fortunate enough to capture their engagement session, wedding, maternity…and now little Conlee’s first year milestone! {Plus I got to scope out Jess’ new studio being built on their country property…jealous.} It’s always a good laughing time when I get to hang with Anthony and Jess and I’m excited to watch their family grow!

Grant William :: 18 months

This guy.

What a character.

He walks with his hands clasped behind his back as thought he was taking a slow, thoughtful walk down a winding Parisan cobblestone street instead of across his lawn to retrieve his Little Tikes toy car. Put him in a bowler hat and a trench coat and we could watch him solve all the mysteries of the world.

And even though we took these when it was approximately 107 and humid as all get out, we were still able to coax some dimples with exotic treats of ice cubes and cold water…because even when little man is upset, he still puts on a great show.