Presley Amy :: 10 weeks

Little tiny baby lips. Sweet giggles and small smiles. Cuddles, hugs, cooing and lullabies. Breaks for naps. Mommy-time. Diaper changes. More singing, more giggles, more precious snuggles, more love.

And that’s what beautiful baby sessions like these are made of.

Alissa & Clayton :: Engaged

Rainy days…slow mornings of coffee and perusing through emails. Making checklists on Post-its while listening to the droplets fall on my windows. Puppy snoozing at my feet by light of the glowing iMac…Rainy days, in my book, are beautiful days of getting things done while never changing out of my pajamas.

I have so many pajamas.

They’re also perfect for digging back in the blog que for sun-soaked, lovely gems of summer days and smiling couples in love. Alissa and Clayton’s engagement session at Minnehaha Falls Park was gorgeous. A quietly beautiful golden hour for two people who are clearly head over heals for each other…yes, days like these make rainy mornings so totally worth it.

Smedsrud Family

‘Man, I wish we never took those photos…’

‘I’m so glad I went to work today instead of taking off an hour early to hang out with my family…’

‘That was such a waste of energy to run around and play this morning…’

‘I hate when my stomach hurts from laughing so hard…’

‘I’m glad we have so few photos of us all together…’

…said no one. Ever.


Anytime is always the perfect time to schedule your family session!!!

Ava Elizabeth :: 9 months

Sweet girly smiles in pretty pink dresses. Sunny summer mornings. Squishy baby feet and squeals of delight. Green grass. Loving glances. Peek-a-boo and sing-song voices…

Mornings don’t get too much better than this.


Aiken Jordan :: 9 months

It’s August.

Say wahhhhhaaaattt?!

I know!! The end of summer is upon us!! Once you start hearing plugs on the radio for the Great Minnesota Get Together, you know it’s just around the corner. School supplies are out in bulk {seriously, though. What is up with that?}. The sun is high, the time is short and we’re all about packing as much into as little time as possible.

To say this month is a busy one…ha.

It’s a wicked busy one.

And I love it.

After all, you know what they say about idle hands…


While summertime is nearing the finish line, I’m all about soaking up every last drop of green, sing song chirp of the birds, blasts of hot air and all things that occur in the blessed short MN weeks. Meeting with little Aiken at our favorite park for a morning of running, giggles, glorious light and that sweet, sweet smile…well, that’s just enough to make anyone’s day complete!!