Joseph James Squire :: 6 months

JJ-Squire…this kid rocks. Honestly, I think he’s always only a blink away from a smile!

They had sold their house during the time around his 6-month session in December. This was the house that had started this family; seen them through job changes, three children, many parties, celebrations, arguments and love. Most of all, the home that housed so much love. And, although the experience was exhaustive at best, they were all excited and focused on what lay in store for them in their next adventure…so when I brought up having Joey’s 6-month session at their now vacant home on the last day before turning the keys over to the new owners, the answer was clearly yes.

Ronan Raymond :: 6 months

I’m going to go ahead and begin this post by stating how uncool I am with this influx of strange fall/winter/ish weather that Mother Nature has so fiercly bestowed upon the upper Midwest these past couple days. Last weekend we turned off the heat and opened the windows to let the sunshine and warm breeze float through the house…four days later I’m sitting here in a balmy 56 degree room.

Yes, I realize I can simply turn the furnace back on. Yeah, I’m also aware my husband owns a heating company. It’s the principle :: it should be springtime.

I’m stubborn about things that absolutely do not matter.

What can I say?


Now that I’ve got that issue lifted from my spirits, let’s dive into this super adorable session with little Ronan Raymond! I love watching kids grow through the Sweet Baby Program-learning to move, laugh, sleep, cry, play, hug, blow kisses, wave…it’s so fun!! Plus, I got to photograph Ronan’s big brother Vaughn for his first year, so seeing him grow beyond our sessions together is icing on this super sweet cake.

Whitney & Grant :: Married

For an October day, it was actually quite chilly. Every so often, the brisk breeze would flirt with the crisp autumn leaves creating the soft sound of natures applause. Outside the picture window of the Lake City vacation home, boaters were basking in the sun while catching the last moments of the lake season. Inside, ladies primped and laughed while preparing for the precious moments that lie ahead. She captivated everyone she spoke to with her bright flashing eyes and her brilliant smile. Her laugh was a constant among the din of women chatting, the quiet padding of slippered feet on the hardwood floors, the clicks of compacts and makeup containers.

Friends and family came from California, Arizona and around the state to celebrate. The speeches were written, the vows practiced. The reception barn was decorated and the church was beautiful.

She was ready.

He was waiting.

It was time.

krissy - April 19, 2015 - 7:56 am


Keri Armendariz - April 17, 2015 - 9:05 am

Absolutely amazing, you did a great job!!! They are such a beautiful couple!!!

Grant William :: 8 days

I could have played with this little guy for hours…oh, wait. We totally did.


Sweet Grant was a perfect gem as we took advantage of pretty much everything we could think of. His parents have a fabulous Disney collection, so that was a must. We couldn’t not use the crib that his uncle made special just for him. It was impossible to pass up the bomber hat, the mini baseball bat {his mom loves softball} and don’t even get me going on how absolutely great his nursery is. Those sheets! That color! All that gorgeous light!

So much to love about this family of three…

Karen & Dennis :: Family

When I get to wake up to the sunshine shining happily outside my window, I’m already in the know that it’s going to be a good day. The birds were pumped about it, the dog was all about lounging in it, the grass seemed to green up overnight because of it. Things just go better with sun, don’t you agree?

When I showed up at Karen and Dennis’ shortly after Christmas to photograph their family, I knew it was going to be a great session. Although it was bitter cold, the sun was shining, the kids were laughing and everyone was still in the Christmas spirit. The families flew in from Alaska, Vermont and Massachusetts to celebrate together so it was the perfect time to round them up for an afternoon of fun family photographs. We posed and laughed inside then went outside to romp in the snow, play a little touch/tackle football, enjoy the family pets and simply photograph this family being family.