Laura :: Senior

Let it be known, I enjoy all seasons. I love the newness of spring, the sunshine of summer, the colors of fall and the feel of winter. The excitement of gathering with families over the holidays. The outside play times. Sledding, skating, snowshoeing, whitewashing, snowball fighting, hot cocoa-ing, caroling {which I’ve never done but always embrace the thought of}, and all around merry-making. I don’t mind the cold weather, the snow days, the shoveling, the perilous drives {perks of working mostly from home!}…it’s a beautiful season!

When we met for Laura’s senior session in early October, it was still fall but there was definitely a sharp crack to the air that reminded us that winter was just around the corner. Regardless, she shed her coat and was all smiles {and some seriously gorgeous faces, too!} for the morning we spent at St. Anthony Main.

Sue Wilberts - November 20, 2014 - 9:26 pm

We were very pleased with Tricia’s work. She captured the looks Laura was looking for.

Minted Holiday Cards & Sweet Shibui

I love getting the mail. Correction :: I love getting personal mail. Which may be why we have both a PO Box and a mailbox, but that’s neither here nor there. Letter writing is quickly becoming a lost art and, truth be told, that makes me sad. Sifting through the bills and the junk mail and the shoppers {oh, how I love to despise those shoppers!}, and finding that one envelope, hand addressed, just for you. It’s like a little slice of heaven penciled on a sweet little note, wouldn’t you agree?

In light of keeping the postal service in business, I urge everyone to write a handwritten letter this holiday season. Or, better yet, send out Christmas cards featuring your beautiful family! {See what I did there…!?}:-)

I am super excited to announce that I am now an affiliate photographer with! What does this mean?! More photo card goodness for everyone!!

While I am still custom-designing cards based on orders, I realized there was so much more to the card industry that what I had that talent/time to offer! Minted has variations in papers, colors, singular or multiple photo spreads, fold-able cards, flat cards, double-sided or single-sided cards…it’s SO much fun to look through their designs! They even boast mini-book cards! How neat is that? That’s pretty neat.

Therefore, I now have two main options for Christmas cards this holiday season!! Custom-designed by me or!! Bonus–there’s a 15% off sale for if you order your cards before Monday, November 24!

Contact me for additional information.
{Custom designed cards by me must be ordered by Wednesday, November 26 :: cards should be ordered by Monday, December 1 to allow for delivery time}



Joseph James Squire :: 3 months

The days have been getting away from me. It’s Thursday already? Middle of November, you say? No way?! I’m over here up to my eyeballs in editing, orders, designing Christmas cards and the rest of all that good stuff. Yesterday, while waiting for files to transfer to an external hard-drive, I channeled my cousin Kate’s insane need for change and rearranged the living room. We may no longer be able to watch actual television {would have been nice to realize the TV cable doesn’t reach across the room before getting everything in its place} and I needed to remove two chairs to make it all come together, but c’est la vie. Is it strange that a newly placed living room feels like Christmas? Hmmm…’tis true.

All French and house decor aside, I figured now is as good a time as any to feature these awesome peeps on the blog today! Farrah and I have been friends since, geesh, who knows when? We played sports together in high school and I still remember when these two love birds started dating over ten years ago. Or was it a over a decade…which sounds longer?;-)I was in their wedding, she was in mine…and I’ve loved receiving the knowledge of her pregnancy’s based around holidays {twice on Christmas Eve church services, once on Halloween!}. And, no big deal, but Baby J and I are also birthday buddies. For life. YYYYesssssssssss, fist pump, air five, high ten!!! To top it all off, little Joey is in my baby program and I’m so excited to get an excuse to hang out with this family every couple months for the next year!!

Rachel Trnka - November 15, 2014 - 5:37 pm

Oh my word, can we say ADORABLE family and amazing pics!!!

Denise Reuvers - November 13, 2014 - 6:46 pm

Beautiful family pic!!! Nice job Tricia!!

Farrah - November 13, 2014 - 1:36 pm

My heart is smiling with love… thank you!!!!

Marissa & Kole :: Married

The smile on her face radiated from her lips, up her strong cheekbones to her shimmering blue eyes. Everyone who spoke to her that morning turned away smiling. It was positively infectious. Never mind the drizzle outside and the wet mess it was creating. Any dilemma of the day was met with a wave of her hand, a laugh and a grin. Nothing could dampen the excitement for her today.

Calmly and with a quiet smile of his own, he dressed their son in the next room. Buttoned his cute little shirt and snapped on his sweet little tie before turning to finishing touches for himself. Once ready, he walked out the damp asphalt path to await his first glimpse of his soon-to-be-wife. She walked out behind him, he slowly turned around and they both stood there. Facing each other. Ready to begin their new life together. Smiling.

Keri - November 7, 2014 - 8:24 am

Oh my goodness what an absolutely beautiful wedding! The setting, the dresses, the jeans, the cowboy boots, the awesomely decorated tent…..amazing! Once again Trish your photos look stunning!

Samantha :: Senior

I’m not sure how it happened, or what changed, but I think I’ve become a morning person? Perhaps it’s the effects of daylight savings taking ahold of me, but I bounced out of bed bright and early this morning, ready to spend my hours hunched over my less-than-pristinely-white keyboard, whittling away at this never ending to do list. With the hum of my space heater {greatest invention!} and the snoring of my dog to keep me company, progress was made in the hours before the sun appears. Lazy sun, taking its dear sweet time to yawn over the horizon. Yeah, I’m winning over the sun.

If that doesn’t start out for a beautifully productive Thursday, I don’t know what does?

What about featuring this stunning senior today as well?!

Sometimes I don’t get a chance to express how much I actually appreciate my job and the people who I get to meet because of it. And this family? <heart> I photographed Sam’s brother’s senior session in 2009 and was thrilled when they contacted me again for her session this fall. The light was gorgeous. The colors were perfection. The girl, well, the girl rocks!:-)And all that is great and wonderful and grand. But the best part was what was happening behind the lens. Watching Sam and her parents joke, chat and laugh together was like being granted access to this easy, natural, pure, real, love. And it was exactly the same way during her brother’s senior session all those years ago. Simply put; great people being great people. And then they invited me inside their house. And as we looked through photographs, talked paint schemes, oohhed and ahhhed over Sam’s artwork and laughed some more, it really hit me how much more comes with this job than simply photography.

And that’s pretty cool.