Tim, Crystal & Reece :: Family

My advise to you is to take a look at these images and then scroll back through again to catch all of Reece’s hilariously adorable facial expressions! Oh, my goodness-is she not the best?!

We photographed this session on the windyest {yes…that’s…a word…?} day and, if anything, it made the afternoon more of a challenge to find places to either escape the wind or have it work in our favor. I love myself a good challenge. Getting to work around the family farm was just icing on the cake. Farm people…are awesome. Cows and hay and the smell of molasses and smiles and babies and love and sunshine…simply put, this session was right in my wheelhouse.

Adeline & Henry :: 6 months

I simply cannot get enough of fall and, with the exception of the past month or so, I thought I had done a fairly stellar job at posting and sharing these sweet autumn memories, but…it appears as though I am very much behind the times! Ha!

Also, these nuggets are going to celebrate their FIRST BIRTHDAY later this week and here I am, only now showing off their 6 month session.

Yeah. It happens.

But that doesn’t make them any less adorable, I tell you what!!!

I very much enjoy incorporating important ‘props’ into any and all my sessions–take this particular shoot for example. Things like the quilt that great-grandma made, the family dog or one of dad’s tractors from his vast collection {Seriously. SO many tractors.}.;-)Things that resonate with the family and may prompt an eyeroll from the kiddos when they get bigger, but will inevitably be family favorites when these children turn into adults and reach for that one photograph to show their own children what great-great-grandma’s now-raggy quilt looked like in its hayday. Or how protective and loving their puppy was. Or to show how much grandpa adored his collection. Or how small they were that they so perfectly fit into grandma and grandpas arms.

Tawna, Charles, Gavinn, MiaRae, Savannah :: Family

Yay; it’s FRIDAY!

I’ve got weekend plans that are making me grin from ear to ear-date night at one of our favorite restaurants, flower planting with some sweet kiddos tomorrow morning and then prep for a dark and mysterious senior styled session that I’m photographing Sunday afternoon. Come stalk me follow along for some fun weekend and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks on Instagram {@triciastreitz for personal life and @sweetshibuiphotography for sweet business pics}. See you there!

In other news, I’m getting down to the bottom of my blog que of fall/winter sessions which means that spring and all its outdoor goodness is finally upon us! Session inquiries are rolling in-contact me today to get your slot in the books! Hey guys…photo sessions are perfect Mother’s Day presents…hint, hint!

So…do these faces look familiar to anyone? Well…they probably should. These guys are on here, like, all the time and those little chitlins are the highlight of my personal Insta so…!:-)They are SO fun for me to photograph as their smiles are contagious, the laughter positively infectious and they pretty much let me have free reign to do whatever I want. Always a bonus.

Tommy :: Class of 2016

I was talking to the local florist yesterday {do you know Judy? If you don’t…well, you probably should. She does beautiful work and is a gem to work with…and Mother’s Day is coming up soon…hint, hint…} and she mentioned something about gearing up for prom and I was all, ‘PROM?! Already…?!’ and then it hit me that, duh, it’s the end of April. Where does time go!? Seriously?! And could I talk about the speed of time anymore {on the blog or in real life?}? Yeah, I get it. I overly talk about the weather, my dog and time. Have you seen this weather?! Have you met my dog {not counting this weekend when she was extremely out of sorts}?!

Nice to meet you.

Anywho, with PROM {holy. cats.} being right around the corner, I thought it only fitting to share my last 2016 high school senior with you all. Tommy…oh, where to start?! Not only did Tommy set up his session on his own, a rarity among senior guys, but he rocked it. I mean, he seriously rocked it. All cool smiles and serious smirks. And have you even seen a cooler blazer than the one he’s wearing in the last few images?! I submit that you have not. Because I hadn’t, and I thought it was positively awesome.

Just like him.

Diana & Scott :: Engaged

Goodness sakes!

Remember that one time when I posted, like, eons ago?! What is happening?!

Life is excellently moving right along and with it are plans for my Nana’s 80th birthday extravaganza next week, a sure-to-be-awesome styled senior session {in the works; it’s gonna be GREAT! I’m channeling my inner Tony the Tiger, it’s going to be that good. Honest.}, business preparations for a rapid summer and a holy-cats already-planning-for-next-summer calendar…yeah, I guess there’s a method to the madness of not posting for a while. Plus, I was hoping to have a Mexico recap for you by now but…so it goes. Hopefully soon we can gaze back at our 12 days in the sunshine; explorations, photos and even some Go Pro video. Soon.

Fingers crossed.

Until then, feast your eyes on these two lovebirds. Scott arrived at this session sporting a contagious smile and practically bursting with ideas with a laughing and radiant Diana in tow. We traversed across the countryside and played for a couple hours…had the sun stayed up a little longer, I’m sure we would have kept shooting. The ideas! The locations! Paying homage to both their home states, incorporating their favorite activities and talents, showcasing the beautiful southern Minnesotan countryside…sigh…

The. Best.