Shianne & Bracy :: Engaged

It all started with a bathroom remodel and the need for a handyman. Through the grapevine, she was connected with him and a short trip to Menards later, they began dating. From there, as they say, the rest is history.

Sometimes, love really is just as simple as that.

Ryan, Jen, Emma & Blake :: Family

It’s one thing to have a job.

Something that generates an income. Gives back enough green to pay your bills and *hopefully* retain a little extra for everyday life. A place to go for ‘adult time’ and a reason to pat yourself on the back for being a contributing member of society.

It’s a whole ‘nother beast to have a job you love.

Something that generates warm fuzzies and smiles when you think of it. Gives back enough energy and enthusiasm to create the life you’ve always envisioned. A place to be a kid again and a reason to self high-five for getting to hang out with some of the most cool and fun people.

Oh, blessed be this job I love.

Patrick, Samantha and baby makes three

I met at their house on a hot, muggy day in June. The storm clouds were rolling in from the distance, but for now…the sun was shining just for us. We talked about the thrill of not finding out if they were to bring home a son or a daughter. We laughed about the differences between single and baby life. We joked about his go-get-em attitude while crafting their cradle. We dreamed about the birthday parties the sweet baby would have, being the due date was so close to the Forth of July. We roamed and chatted and lost track of time.

And I photographed them as they soaked in these moments together.

The thought of the babe, soon to be laid in their arms. The love they shared that carried them to this point. The home they had built together. The road they paved that led us right to this moment. In their nursery. Around their yard. Documenting the growth of their beautiful family.

monday, monday

Sometimes I just want it to be the weekend. Always.

This weekend we enjoyed hours on the boat, soaking up the sun and laughing with family and great friends. Wake-boarding and watching the Mr. do his crazy things. Overindulging on delicious meals. Playing games, reminiscing and making new memories. Cell phones shut off and no Internet for this girl.

And it was perfection.

Alas, Monday reappears and that darn grindstone weasels its way into my life yet again. Balancing the scales, I suppose Monday through Thursday is what makes Friday through Sunday so darn wonderful.


Happy Monday, folks!

Second shooting for Cassie Hop Photography

Just like that, it’s Monday

Did you have an enjoyable weekend?

Were you able to have some fun? See some friends? Work on a project?

Did you chill out on a pontoon for ladies lake day? Make new business connections? Shoot a fabulous wedding? Whip up some zuchinni bread? Finally watch Deadpool all the way through without nodding off {weekends are rough}?

Was your time well spent or does this Monday leave you wishing for more?

Just me?

Whatever your case may be, I’m wishing you a stellar workweek. May the next five days be filled with good things; a funky mid-day dance party break or two, new opportunities, networking and sweat-working, nose-to-the-grindstone daylight hours so that this coming weekend can be one filled with all the well-deserved fun stuff.

160430 Lara & Pat 786

Lara & Pat’s wedding; second shooting for Laurie of lauren b photography

Assisting and second shooting is seriously the bees knees.