One big happy family

I’m so anxious for spring, you guys! I’m already thinking about spring walks with the pup, sessions that don’t require eight layers of clothing, having the windows open in the house, curtains fluttering in the breeze. Rain. Green! Sunshine…I’m pouring over seed catalogs, dreaming of gardening; can’t wait to get my hands into that rich soil. It feels like I’ve never been so ready for spring, yet perhaps I felt the same last winter?


It’s still winter. It’s still {mostly} white outside. It’s still frigid. It’s still dark at 6pm.

I’ll deal.

I’ve got an ice-rink engagement session on the horizon and I’m super pumped. Shoveling snow is great cardio exercise. I’ve yet to build my yearly snowman and I haven’t quite had my fill of hot chocolate and other wintertime comfort foods.

So, for now, let’s continue looking at beautiful smiling faces from the fall to appease our warmer-weather wanderlust, mmkay?

Mazie, Chloe, Jack & Allie :: Family

If I remember correctly, this was considered a ‘chilly’ fall session…however, looking out the window of the coffeehouse this morning as I’m still bundled in my wool winter coat and fingerless mittens…my face hovering above my Miel to not only catch the sweet aroma, but also the warmth, drifting lazily upward and slightly fogging my glasses…yeah…I feel like calling this particular session ‘chilly’ isn’t quite appropriate.

Ah, how fun is this cold snap in the dead of Minnesota winter.


Anywho, this particular sessions brings me back to a time of endless laughter, aimless wondering, sibling hugs, leaf throwing and simply an all around great afternoon. I probably could have done without the rocks in my mouth from dear, sweet Allie Grace {the youngest rascal}, but then what’s a photoshoot without a good story to go with it?!

{I swear, we all laughed. So. Much}


Lilah Alise :: 7 days

Sweet Miss Lilah.

A little doll with a shock of dark hair and delicately soft baby skin.

The little one who already holds her daddy’s heart in her hands, her mother’s love in her eyes and her brother’s forever adoration.

Jax James & Chelsea :: Family

Okay, I’m going to let you in on a little known secret. Something not everyone knows. Something that few people think of…

It’s never a bad time to schedule a photo session.

It’s true. I promise, promise.

You see, I’ve never ever heard anyone say ::

I wish I had less prints to document my baby as a baby.

I wish I would have purchased that new sweater instead of capturing lifelong memories with my child.

I wish I would have been working instead of playing around with my family.

I’m so glad I waited to schedule our session until I finally lost 8 pounds, let my hair grow out, got a little bit older, found that perfectly matching outfit, looked exactly how I wanted to…
{said absolutely no one. Ever. In the history of life.}

I wish I would have taken less photos.

It’s always time for photographs.

It’s always the time to stop working, cleaning, playing on your dang phone, being a grown up…and embrace the now. Play for an afternoon. Throw leaves, build snowmans, laugh until your belly hurts, chase the wind, channel your inner child. Remember this stage, this part of life. Not only for you, as an adult, but for them. For the kids and, perhaps, for your kids’ kids.


It’s always time for photographs.

Amanda & Erik :: Married

For months before their wedding day, she scoured garage sales and thrift stores, good deals and great sales. She accumulated plates, silverware, tea sets, furniture…this, that and a little bit of that other thing, just for good measure. Together they planned, laughed, organized and dreamed.

And before they knew it…it was time.

The sky was as dazzling a blue as you had ever seen in September, yet the temperature wasn’t quite matching its brilliance. Though no one seemed to mind; everything was in place. As her birdcage veil was softly fastened in her wheat-colored locks, a sweetly calm smile took over her features…eyes were dabbed, smiles were shared, meaningful glances and heartfelt squeezes; the bride’s dressing room was resonating with silent emotion.

With her grandmother’s ring beautifully secured on her finger, she slipped on her shoes and glided out the door to see him for the first time as her husband.

And he, to see her for the first time, as his wife.

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