Charlie :: 3 months

Happy ‘rump’ day!

{seriously, baby butts. Is there anything cuter?!}

Brooks Ronan Ocean :: 7 days

It’s Monday.


I went to my cousin’s baby shower yesterday and was overcome with excitment for them as they opened their gifts and became awash in a sea of blue bibs and little boy outfits. Adorable. How was it that this girl who I used to play house with and make mud pies for and watch endless hours of Disney movies next to and all the other blessed memories of childhood was now a wife and, so soon!, a mother?!

<double sigh>

Since their little bundle of blue won’t be here for another month, how about we feast our baby loving eyes on this little nugget of squish.
Brooks Ronan Ocean, the youngest of three little men, born in the heat of summer.
So very loved.

{clickable links at the end of the post for Brooks’ fabulous blankets and wall art!}

Fuzzy Gray and Blue Blankets :: Saranoni
Dyed Blue Blanket :: Puddle Mountain Farm
Name Banner :: Hooray Everyday
Waves Print :: Wanderlust Star
Large Wave Print :: Cheeky Albi
Rainbow Blanket :: Love and Lullabies CB

Matthew, Laura & Alyssa :: family

Every time I look at these gorgeous images, my mind immediately floats to the John Muir quote…

The mountains are calling and I must go.

The beautiful Colorado landscape provided the perfect stage for this loving family of three to wonder around in their love. Their love for nature. Their love for adventure. But mostly in their love for each other.

Dawnae, Tad, Zie & Jaelyn :: Family

You guys.

I cannot get enough of my family sessions. They are seriously SO fun!

{both my families and the sessions themselves}


I’ve photographed these guys a few times before and I look forward to hanging out with them every. Single. TIME! So naturally in love and chill; they simply have the best, most contagious tribe vibe. Plus, honestly, we all laugh so much. Like…side-splitting, throw your head back and let ‘er buck laughter.

The bees knees, these spectacularly awesome people.

Steve, Traci, Anna, Julia, Vincent {and Lilly!} :: Family

They are saying 8-12 inches are expected here over the weekend and I am PUMPED! I have loved this balmy February weather, but -seriously- it’s Minnesota and I want SNOW in the winter! I haven’t even built a single snowman this winter…how sad is that? I want to sled and snowshoe and be cold enough that a mug of hot cocoa sounds perfection {which really doesn’t take much cajoling, but ride with me on the beautiful wintry fantasy, will you?}. I want to be landlocked into my house for a day because the snow is too treacherous to drive it. I want to shovel and be annoyed by dog who loves snow but apparently abhors shovels. I love winter!

And with that, I’m loading up today with sunshiny images both with this fun family and as well as over on my Facebook page. Check it out to get your summer fix before winter comes again!

This family…oh, this family. Sweet little Vincent had us all laughing with his giggles and flip-of-a-switch serious expressions. And the dog! And all those beautifully sweet girls! That is certainly one luck family man…