Arielle & Zach :: Engaged

Things are shaping up for a pretty fabulous double-header wedding weekend for this lady! August has really been spoiling me with such wonderful couples and memories…and these two are no exception to the rule. Easy to smile and even easier to laugh, Ari and Zach have a natural way about each other that makes me just so, so happy to be a part of their sure-to-be awesome wedding day!!

Alex John :: 3 years

This little guy…I tell ya.

His dad and I go way back {but that’s a story for another post!} and I am absolutely smitten with Alex’s witty personality and smarty-pants upturned eyebrow. I got to photograph the first year of his life and now I get to do the same with his new little brother. So. Sweet.

Louie Michael :: Newborn

Oh, this weekend was a goodie.

I got to hang with my nieces and nephew at the pool Friday {is it just me or are pools way cooler than they were when we were kids *cough* just a few years ago?}. I got myself back in the kitchen to whip up some peach bbq sauce {holy NUM}, freeze some corn from the cob, created a batch of refrigerator pickles and prepped a stellar jar of cold-press ice coffee. Oh, yeah-I was getting stuff done!


Woke up Saturday to a drizzly, humid poof of a day and instantly reminded myself to purchase another umbrella. At the start of this summer, I had three. Now I have none. Where did they go?! I lose umbrella’s like most people lose socks. Strange. Oh, well…at least I had some delicious ice coffee to drown my sorrows in.

Regardless of the weather, we had an amazing Saturday for Brett & Nikki’s country wedding. It was the third wedding in as many summers that I was lucky enough to photograph at a beautiful family farm. I got to ride a Harley {3-up, no less} and partied to the wee hours with some seriously down-to-earth, awesome people. You haven’t partied until you’ve partied with this couple…dang.

Sunday brought a beautiful celebration of life ceremony for a late-great-Uncle followed by some lazy couch surfing. And Netflix. And BLTs. And a 5 pound bag of Sour Patch Kids. Which we only devoured half of.

Perfect weekend.

As an added bonus, these two beautiful people were at the wedding with their little bundle of joy–Louie is getting so big already, I can’t wait for his 3-month session this fall! That hair! Those rolls! That soft skin!

Random notes on a Thursday


It’s one of those weeks.

You know what I mean?

No, not one of those weeks as in the terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad variety, but just the kind where it feels like your head is actually detached from your body. Which, in reality, would be super cool at the same time as being almost unbelievably creepy. But in all seriousness, how handy would it be to have a detachable head? You could throw it down dark alleys to see what terror awaits, you could launch it above tree tops to scope out the landscape…it could be a pretty versatile companion, this detachable head.

Plus, you would most likely excel at labyrinths and Bocce ball.

And you’d always win first prize for most original Halloween costume.

Assuming you were the only one with the disconnected cranium.

Which brings me back to the topic at hand.

One of those weeks.




Mr. Nick’s birthday was last week–whoo, hoo!! Since he so graciously got me the gift of falling for my birthday, I thought the gift of flying seemed ever appropriate. And fun. And, if you know the guy, so him.

So we set out last Sunday to experience the wonders of Fly Boarding. As he seems to be with just about any water activity, Mr. was a natural and had boats, jet skis and pontoons stopping in their wakes to observe.

It was hilarious awesome.

Whitney & Grant :: Engaged

Sometimes I get these sessions that I almost can’t even handle because I know they will turn out exactly how I’m imagining them to. A beautiful couple, full of love and energy and all things awesome. In a gorgeous location. At just the right time of evening.

Plus, her amazing eyes?!

All is going well with the world and there is perfect harmony and all is simpatico and happiness.

And then a rain cloud appears and flash floods happen.

At the exact time that I pulled into the parking lot after an hour drive for a session that only had a small window of opportunity to happen as the awe-inspiring couple resides out of state.

I sat in disbelief as instant puddles formed around me in the parking lot. Fat, angry raindrops abused my windshield as my wipers furiously tried to keep up. {I was parked but refused to let the storm obstruct my view. Stubborn? Yes. Pick my battles? Not quite.} I watched a hiker dash to his car just in time to get completely soaked by the torrential downfall. I even took a ridiculously lame iPhone video to send to the Mr. displaying my ultimate dismay and discouragement at the annoying twist of the weather.

He really likes how into weather chasing/obsessing I am.

That was sarcasm.

However…perspective…perspective is everything. We sat. We waited. We texted our grievances and sad emoji faces. We rearranged and dealt with the given circumstance. Really, what else was there to do?

And then…

The rain lifted. A beautifully dense fog appeared. The mosquitos tucked away from the strangling drops still falling. The grounds were lush, green and full.

A rainbow appeared.

Lemons to lemonade, my friend.