MiaRae Elizabeth :: 3 years

This weekend was a quickie, but a goodie! An awesome ladies day on the lake on Friday was the most fun and perfect way to start a summer weekend!! Then we battled out the strange weather conditions Saturday to capture Coleman and Kari’s lovely wedding {dense fog, heavy humidity, rain, heat, wind, blasts of sunshine…it was nuts!} and celebrated my youngest nieces’ first birthday Sunday. Playing with water balloons, bubbles and watching the kiddos jump around in a watery bounce house was a pretty excellent way to wrap up the weekend. That and some couch surfing with my Mr. and a mini Psych marathon. Netflix and pj’s are my Sunday night go-to!

And then there’s this little blondie. She was all smiles and authority yesterday at her little sister’s birthday party. Laughing with the kids, throwing water balloons, chasing the puppy…her personality is infectious and her cautious nature is adorably delightful!! Miss MiaRae turned 3 in April, so these shots are already a little dated, but her stubborn sweetness still shines through.

Happy Monday!

Ronan Raymond :: Newborn

I am so, so happy that I get the opportunity to hang out with this awesome family again for an entire year!! Ever since meeting Andrew and Angelique for their wedding and watching Andrew bust a serious move for his lady, I knew I had to see these guys again. I was honored when they asked me to photograph theirĀ  son, Vaughn, during his first milestones in life and I’m so thrilled that they chose me to capture their newest addition, Ronan Raymond. Such happiness, love and sheer awesomeness surround this family and I couldn’t be happier for their growing family!

Sloane Bailee :: 9 months

I feel like these days are flying by…I mean, it’s Wednesday already for crying out loud!? Where do the days disappear to? I found myself accidentally listening to Christmas music yesterday…thanks a bunch, Pandora shuffle…and realized that I have so much more that I want to do this summer before the snow flies! Time…the only thing you can’t save.


Miss Sloane is going to be a whole one year old this September and graduating from my Sweet Baby Program! Sad to not get to catch up with these guys every three months…she’s such a cutie! Especially that semi-tooth, semi-gum grin, Miss Sloane’s expressions and her inevitable adoration for her parents {plus those cheeks!} makes her simply a joy to photograph.

Cole & Lauren :: Married

It’s been a fast few weeks since Cole and Lauren’s beautiful, rainy-day June wedding…but that doesn’t make the memories any less sweet. The love these two hold close for each other was apparent with every wink, laugh and stolen hug they shared throughout the day. Through the tears they shed when they both saw their little man, Greyson, walk into the hallway. Through the smiles they exchanged as they held each others hands at the alter.

Though the rain may have dampened the day outside; inside the church, the reception and this new family beginning as one…all anyone could see was the bright light of love.

Leanne estrem - July 20, 2014 - 12:25 pm

Love the photos! Great looking bride and groom,! Love love the awesome talented Trisha streitz. Congrats from Kevin and Leanne estrem

Savannah James :: 9 months

Yesterday, in and of itself, was an experience in the nuances that is travel. I’ll get into the details in my New York post later this week, but I have to say that I am just relaxed to be back home again. Waking up to bright green trees against a brilliant blue sky…big cities don’t have anything on open countryside.


And it’s also this sweetheart’s first birthday today!! Hard to think that a year ago I was squealing tires on my way to the hospital in hopes that I would make the delivery on time…and Miss Savi J was born a mere 31 minutes later. Full of mischievous smiles and a deep-rooted love for her momma, this little one is going to change the world. Just you wait.

Happy first birthday, Savannah James!