Sophie Marie :: 6 days

Last week, the fellow and I went on a business trip. It was excellent and inspirational and thought-provoking {and the food!?}…and I tossed a couple of iPhone pics out on Instagram for giggles. But on the flight home last week, I got to thinking about the real reality vs. the online reality of it all.

You see, the online reality was that we were basking in the sun, staying at a gorgeous hotel and listening to amazing speakers.

The real reality of it was…that we forgot to set our alarms and woke up a little over two hours before our flight was to leave-we live an hour away from the airport. We forgot a carry-on bag {packed with headphones, laptop, my calendar, socks…all the good stuff} at home. We nearly left an iPad on the airport shuttle. My bag got searched at the airport-obviously, because we were in a rush! They ran out of breakfast on our flight. The movie we had previous rented on our not-forgotten-iPad was riddled with nudity…what an appropriate airplane selection. An ID almost got left on the plane…and the list goes on.

And, in reality, the trip was fantastic. We did enjoy the heat of Arizona, the hotel was beautiful and the speakers packed us full of new information as well at some pretty funny tibits.

Just because the online version of events doesn’t tell the whole story, it doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Yes, it’s easy to get sucked into the ‘perfect lives’ of the people you see on social media, but the talking and sharing of real stories is what I’m all about.

I like the behind the scenes. I like the imperfect shots. I like the crying babies and tired parents and laughing and the not looking at the camera and the not usually social media perfect-approved and the mix of it all because those are the memories and photographs that I enjoy looking at and talking about the most with my friends and family {and strangers!}. Because that’s the real reality of life.

And that’s my favorite.

Dawn - October 19, 2016 - 4:07 pm

Super sweet pics and a beautiful post! Love.

Jordan, Liz, Alex & Aiken :: Family

This weekend is jam packed with sessions; seniors and families and all that beautiful fall color! I cannot wait to get some serious shutter time in and the weather looks to be agreeing with me-yay!

This session was a wee bit ago this summer, but I just love the curiosity of these boys {and the fact that I’ve photographed both their newborn sessions {alex & aiken!} and how they’re constantly looking and seeing and running and laughing {and crying!} and doing all the great things that little boys brothers do.

Dawn - October 6, 2016 - 11:38 am


Louie Michael :: 2 years

You guys-my cousin got married this weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I got to be in the wedding and see all the fun {ha-and crazy!} behind the scenes stuff. Setting up the wedding venue, the rehearsal dinner, the hangout with the wedding party and all the awesome family time in-between. I can’t believe it’s all over already-what an awesome couple of weeks it has been celebrating my cousin and her love!

And then I get back in the office today and see that it is really actually, true-to-all-things October. Already. Just like that, it’s candy corn and pumpkins and crisp nights and apple cider. And sweaters. Ooooo, bring on the sweaters and blankets and fall! I love snuggling under a blanket while the fire blazes. Making comfort food {roast is in the oven as I type!}…eating comfort food. Dreaming of comfort food…tator tot hotdish {can you tell I’m from the midwest?!}…goulash…chili. Oh, man. Chili. Red or white? Both?! YES!!!

I seriously have zero intelligent segue here into images of this little dude except that I could just eat up those sweet little cheeks of his! Louie was an absolute ball of energy during his 2 year session and it was all I could do to not just put down my camera and roll around in the grass with him. Energetic outdoor kids are epitome of the bee’s knees.

Sarah :: Class of 2017

Senior sessions are all about the senior. If you have never rode a horse in your life, for heaven’s sake, let’s not acquire a pony for your shots.


What do YOU like to do? Where do YOU hang out? What is it that makes YOU tick?

Then let’s do that.

When Sarah brought up the idea of ice time, I immediately spaced out and my head went here. Like you were thinking of something different? I mean-the suggestion was tossed out in the middle of a sweltering humid July heat wave and just the glimpse of being encased in an ice building for even a few minutes sounded like a delicious way to being our session together. That and Sarah has been skating for over 10 years; hockey is a very large part of her {and her family’s!} life…so, really, it just made all the sense.

From the ice to the greenery outside, she smiled and laughed and talked about her future. And it was awesome. Just like her.

Henry, Adeline and baby makes three

I woke up with one of those moods that was so ready for fall. I know you know that I know that you know what I’m talking about. Yeah, you.

That crisp, cool fall air. The beautiful turning leaves. The closing of the garden. The need to bake something bubbling and overflowing with apples. Saying goodbye to friends and wishing them well until spring.

Oh, that last one is only for Minnesotans?


While I’m over hear awaiting all things fall, I’m also grasping onto anything summer. Golden sunshine, late nights, bright vegetables, open windows…sigh. Life is pretty good. One of the things I love the most about summer, though, is photographing families in love in the great outdoors. Kids are more natural when then can take mini breaks to run and play and even mom and dad are more at ease. Plus, I mean, it’s summer! What’s not to love about it!?

Espeically when you take two sweet little tots, one very beautifully pregnant momma and a doting daddy and stick them right in the midst of that mid-summers afternoon dreamy, dreamy sunlight. Family sessions {with baby bump!} are so much fun…